I sounds like a dumb q, but I think this is rather serious... If you are about to say unjustified stuff like "Jesus is a pussy" and be like that, get out now... My question is why do you hate Christianity and its beliefs? What makes you despise it? And why do satanists burn churches? What do you guys believe in? What's the whole ideal behind this religion? I'm just a curious man looking for answers, and I don't want to insult any of your beliefs.

Mainly I think everyone should have his own beliefs and no one should oblige and tell the other one what to believe, nor destroying what another man believes...

So I'm looking forward to listen to your opinions.
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I hate Christians as the entire religion is plain stupid.
And plagiarized.
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Satanists don't necessarily hate Christians, there are different levels of Satanism that don't necessarily stand opposed to Christianity - they're a religion in their own right. And they aren't all bad.

Anyway, religion thread. *reported*
I'm no satanist, but I'm guessing they hate Christianity because they worship Satan..the main enemy of Christ/God.
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So I'm looking forward to listen to your opinions.

Sorry to bump, but TS ... PM me and I will tell you all about why I hate Christianity.