So like the title says i got a new amp, a tiny bit less than a month ago, and well it's having some problems.

The Amp

Well i gotta start from the first time it happened. Our school was having a talent show, me and my friend on bass were doing Fade to Black by Metallica, something nice and easy because we were running out of time when our drummer and guitarist ditched 3 days before the audition. Anyway when it was our turn to play it was going all good, and then at one point when i switched to the clean sound, you couldn't hear it well, the volume was up it was crackling, then it died, you could barely hear it. The crowd reaived there was atechnical glitch, my friend kept play though, so i just started strumming all the strings really hard and then it basically just popped itself back to the correct volume. Later on both our amps died, which we figured out was due to too many things being plugged into one power bar and overloading it, so i thought what happened earlier was the same thing.

Anyway its been happening at home a couple times, I am just wondering if there's anything you guys may know about this and anyway to fix it.

* On my new amp occasionally when i switch to the clean sound it crackles and then you can't really hear it i strum the strings really hard a couple times and it sounds like it just pops back to the right volume*
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Either a faulty connection, or dying power tubes. Get a tech to look at it.
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Yea my suspicion was the tubes, i really don't wanna have to take it in but if it gets it fixed thats what i gotta do
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Were you by any chance, exposing your scrotum to an open flame?
how old is your Valveking? Sounds like you have tube issues. Read up on page 1 of The Valveking Thread and then post a simplified version of your question up thar. We'll take care of ya.

you can find the VK thread up in 'The gear thread collection' Sticky.