and again another song, cant think of a genre. so tell me and criticise
all comments welcome again XD
never once in my life have i listened to amon amarth. haha thats pretty cool
It's pretty solid, the main riff is alright though I tend to here that kind of thing in a lot songs. Mainly I just like solo which was pretty good, and the drumming just before it was cool.
Yeah, nice song again. I tend to like these 12/8 songs a lot. My only gripes were that THE BASS ONLY PLAYED ROOT NOTES. MAKE IT PLAY MORE FUN THINGS YOU **** :P

Nah, other than that, it was the transition from main riff to ride riff (don't know how else to explain it) wasn't that smooth. I loved the riff out of it though, with the 0's and 1's.

Drumming got a bit boring occaisionally, though I suppose you aren't a drummer

I liked the ending riff as well nice take on the other riff, good stuff.
yeah the only drums i play are on guitar hero world tour so obviously i dont play them and as for bass i have to apologise, we do have better lines that that when we play them its just me being too lazy to write them XD
I like all of this. The one thing I'd say is that it repeats itself too much; when you see repetition, try to make things different each time to keep it interesting.

Good stuff though. Riffs are very good.
yeah i know its very repetitious but you need to remember the vocals do change it and the real bass might make it seem less boring but thanks very much guys XD