After getting a few good comments on the song I made in Fruity Loops and added guitar to, I decided to re-record the majority of it and clean everything up. I added the intro lead, couple other random guitar fills, and made the solo longer & better.

Any comments or criticism is really appreciated, C4C of course. Thanks a lot.

FL2 with guitar updated on my profile
this is amazing!, although i do find it got repetative i think you should change the guitar at some bits cause it seems to be boring after hearing same guitar lines, apart from that! well done

edit - oh yeah, listen to the stuffin my profile and let me know what you think
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Thanks for the replies. I agree it is pretty repetitive, the next one I make is gonna have some key changes and be different. I checked out your stuff metalaxxe, riff2 sounded great. You should do more with it, and the tone on the metal intro sounds great too. I commented in your thread speso.
wow fl2 sounds great, the layered parts on the intro are awesome. and good beats too. Its very atmospheric like i could be used on some epic space movie type thing. . I would love it if you could make a beat for mine, PM and i'll re-record it.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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Some of the guitar parts are good and other are not.. the structre of the song well is suspect.. at times you could lead into better loops that would heighten the experience..

Overall it got a good 80's feel to it.. something I might hear on the weather channel
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Thanks for the comments. I commented on your song on your profile sean. I agree godofthemoon, it is pretty repetitive but I originally made the song just on fruity loops and didn't intend on arranging it around guitar. I'll probably redo it sometime. Thanks.
Wow, very cool song. Has a nice groove on it. Awesome synth parts, but when the distorted guitar came in it seemed as the volume dropped, I'm sure you could fix that easily. I wish I could use Frooty Loops this well >_<. The guitar parts are very smooth and just flow quite well. It sounds very professionally done, all the timing is perfect. Nice job, I enjoyed listening to this

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1039606
I love piano intros, so this is already good. I also really like the layering during the intro.

I really like the beat that comes in, simple but very effective for the intro. I like the guitar building up a lot, really melodic and nice. I think I hear a xilaphone? Hahah, pretty neat.

Once the synth and guitar comes in, it seems that a lot of the mix drops out. The guitars tone could use some work. The symphonic part afterwards in nice. I really like the very reverby bend that comes up a lot in this song.

Guitar solo just started, very mellow and relaxing. I didn't like the harmony on the bends at all, I think they might've been out of key. This is a very relaxing piece of music. It'd be awesome soundtrack music for a video game, haha.

Second solo near the end is cool, it's a little sloppy on the fast part, but that's not a huge deal. I really like the Kirk Hammett-esque pentatonic run at the end.

Well.... my music is nearly the exact oppostive, haha, but C4C anyway - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1033681
I liked it a lot. I didn't find it boring or repetitive, there was a lot going on at any given moment. The intro up to when the drums kicked in bult up nicely. I used to use FL so I know its tough getting it to mesh well with guitar but I think you did a great job. I really like the bends that you keep using. There's a couple minor mistakes with guitar, though its probably only noticeable compared to everything else done by the computer. All the piano parts were nice, and I liked the use of strings especially.

Good work on the solo, and the whole song was well written.