I didnt play the guitar i just did the vocals let me know what you think
not too bad.
your voice is cracky and terrible, just like axle rose

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Quote by tryhonesty
not too bad.
your voice is cracky and terrible, just like axle rose


Anyway, everything sounds awesome except for the double tracked vocals. Either quantitize them or choose the better track.
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That was GREAT. I liked the guitar sound AND the vocals.
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thanks, idk wat was wrong when i recorded but ur right something sounds wrong with the double track.. it worked with my michelle
Very nice! It's nice to actually hear some stuff posted that actually sounds like someone took some time in recording, editing, and producing it BEFORE posting it. Great work!
I think you overdo the growly-ness a touch, but if you're going for a true-to-the-original version then it's good (:

Also, the guitars sound great, good job man.
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