This is a dumb story but I feel like sharing.

So I have a friend who worked in this building, in Manhattan. He brings this crate full of books they were throwing away, says I can have my pick. This was 3-4 years ago. I chose a couple that looked interesting, one of 'em called Full House by a guy named Stephen Jay Gould.

Fast forward a few years, this book (unread) is sitting in a backpack in a storage shed, taking severe water damage. I retreived it a few months ago, now I open it and it's all moldy. I still wanna read it so I scrape off what I can, rip off the outer paper... layer of the cover and now it's severely damaged but relatively free of mold. Then I dry it.

Now I open it to a page I hadn't looked at before and see an inscription, To **** and Libby, something something, signed Steve, and underneath that Stephen Jay Gould.

So it seems this book was signed by the author!

Now I'm peeved that a) I let it get all water-damaged and b) I damaged it even further before discovering this.

Isn't that just the tits.
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whats a B-O-O-K ?
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I lol'd hard

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That's terrible and hilarious in equal measures...

theyre talking about my comment
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And thus, blackflag49's voyage starts, by finding the author of the epic novel 'Full House'. Awayyyyyyy young traveler, awayyyyyyy!

Pay no attention to the immature comments about whale tits.

That does suck man, is this book well known at all? I'm not a huge reader but i appreciate vintage things when i see them.
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
sell it on ebay listing "great condition with minimal water damage"
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You should keep it in you're generations for century's then let you're grand grand son sell it so he eventually will become a rich bastard who doesn't even remember you.

But atleast he's happy.

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I smell a mystery here...

Boys, get your fedoras.

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Weeheeeelll booys, lerks like we gawt erselves summin' dat we cernt blame on dem injuns...

Dry it out and read it, you don't know how much longer you'll be able to.
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That does suck man, is this book well known at all?

The guy seems well-known in his field (its a biology book)

Ah well.
oh i thought this was a thread discussing what D'oh actually stands for

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Wasnt this thread locked a second ago?

No, that was your house, and now your TV is gone.
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No, that was your house, and now your TV is gone.

i fail to follow.
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i fail to follow.

I was saying you were mistaking this thread for your house, and it got unlocked, and someone stole your TV
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I'm in need of a guy
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Way to go dumbass.

I think it looks cool though with the damage.

yh like an antique!