I'm wondering if building a new guitar myself would lower the price significantly ($200 or so US dollars). Help?
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Depends on what kind of guitar you want.
Also, depending on how well it turns out, it may or may not be of better quality than a guitar you can buy for the same price.

This + what kinds of things you want to put in/on it.
An experienced luthier could build something that rivals a Fender Strat for considerably less money, yes.

The customs are so expensive is the amount of labour, knowledge, and overhead costs.

If you read up on this stuff and can borrow or already have tools, then yeah you can build an amazing guitar for about $600 - $900.
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Yeah, if you know what you're doing.

The good thing about building your own is that you can make a guitar to the exact specifications YOU want, not the set specs a big mass-producing company has.
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Your first guitar is always going to have mistakes, but even with the mistakes as long as you take your time and don't rush things you aren't sure you know completely what to do on you're still going to have a guitar that's better then any non-custom made out there. Assuming you're not going to skimp on the parts that is.

I would say the previously mentioned $600-900 is what you could expect to spend.
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Can you build a copy of a MIA strat for less than fender sells em yea. But you wont be able to build one less than what a MIM seels for. If you build it your going to put the better and more expensive parts in it. If you have all the tools to build from blanks then you can save money. But buying tools or ready made body and neck can get expensive.
I just built a P bass with Seymour Duncan Pickups, MIM fender body, Mighty Mite Neck, Stewmac Wiring, pots, and knobs, Badass II Bridge, Fender Tuners, and black pickguard for almost exactly $500. Look at the link in my sig for pics and stuff. Should have the finished pictures up in a few days but it looks and plays awesome. I'm working on setting it up better but it is awesome and way cheaper than a bass with the equivalent parts...
I bought a mex strat body with the pups in it for $ 45.00 bucks and a nice vintage style V shaped neck for $110.00. On Ebay. After some fret dress work, a setup ( I had some tuning keys ) it was a sweet players guitar. I did later change the pups. So for less than $200.00 bucks I had a great playing good sounding guitar.
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