what would be the best tube amp without breaking my bank account?

im a senior in high school, with a part time job. i make like $60-$70 a week. i wouldnt want to spend more than $600 (if thats even possible) i play everything from blues to metal. it also needs to be loud enough to gig with, my band has a lot of gigs comming up. if u want to hear our style heres our myspace page.

I'm listening to "Was I Right" on your page. You guys actually sound really good :P

If I were you I'd be looking at used valve combos. Something like an 18 watt clone (search 18 watt clone on google, you'll find what I'm talking about) might be enough if you want that Aerosmith/Classic Rock kinda guitar sound.

Maybe a Fender Blues Junior (I imagine you can get Fenders cheap in the USA)

I wouldn't look at any new Marshalls what-so-ever, but if you happen to come across an old JMP MKII combo that might suit you.
look at bugera 333xl/6260, whichever is the combo one, and b-52 at-112

both are good budget tube amps with plenty of gigging volume.
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