I got bass strings as a present the other day.
The thing is my parents had no idea what string gauge my bass took so they just got .40s
I have a Mexican-made Fender Jazz bass.
Should these fit my bass?
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That's standard gauge, so yes, they should fit.
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I checked the Fender website and it said the Fenders were fitted with .45s, will having strings with only .05 less gauge a whole lot of difference?
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No, not really on the higher string.
I'm sure you can hear/feel no difference.
They'll fit, but they'll be a bit thinner to the strings that you had before (assuming the were .45s). If you de-tune a lot then you'll notice a difference, you'll probably hear a bit of fret buzz as thinner strings aren't really suitable for de-tuning.
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they'll fit, but they will sound/feel a little different
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They'll fit but don't downtune them. Lights aren't really meant to be down tuned, and for some reason my guitarist doesn't understand this. He detunes my bass EVERY SINGLE TIME he plays the freaking thing and i play with Rotosound Swing 66 lights. WHY ARE GUITARISTS SO THICK HEADED?
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