Ive always used hybrid slinkies on my S520 and i still have plenty packs left. Ive also got a pack of power slinkies i never knew i had which are 11's. Apart from me changing spring tension for the zr, will there be any advantages of this switch in terms of playing???

I heard that some guitarists prefer heavier strings after playing with lighter ones for a while, just want peoples opinions before i string up!

u'll get a nice thick tone but bending will be a bitch until u get used to them
and ur action will have to be a bit higher
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You'll want to adjust the truss rod and intonation as well as the trem. The bigger strings will be harder to play but you will probably like the tone better.
i use the whammy bar alot, i have so many 9's because they used to break quite a bit, would 11's survive better under whammy abuse because then it might be worth getting used to a heavier gauge?
Where are the strings breaking?
If they keep breaking at the bridge, especially if it's the same string or two, you have a burr in the saddle that needs to be filed out.
Well they only break when they've been on around a month and they've worn abit so consider that natural. Just thought maybe a heavier gauge would hold out longer
Cheers for the replies anyway i might just re-string it normally and buy a pack of 10's for next time so its not such a drastic change, i definatly wanna check out different strings though so i appreciate your help
No, but it will be (a lot) harder to pull because thicker strings give more tension. Also you should adjust the truss rod (or have someone at the store do it for you, it's usually a charge-free three-second operation, unless your tross rod is well covered up).

The tone will improve a bit, the playing will become harder. You can somewhat equal that out again by downtuning. Stevie Ray Vaughan played... .13s I think? But he played in open Eb.

Edit: If you just want to try out heavier strings, use some (old) fixed bridge guitar, not a Floyd Rose type. It's way more hassle just for trying it out.
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