Im trying to learn some of these songs:

At Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)
Moonlight Sonata
Canon in D
Tocatta and Fugue
Claire de Lune

All of these songs require me to finger pick unless i wanna mute 3-4 strings at a time. So my question is how should i about learning finger picking?

My school guitar teacher said for strings E,A,D use your thumb and for the rest assign each of them a finger. This feels VERY unnatural to me and I'm just following my instincts and playing only with my thumb,index, and middle fingers. Is this okay?

Also these songs are VERY Hard for me as I'm not only a newbie at finger picking but I'm in general NEW to guitar about 6 months in and I don't practice every day due to other hobbies.
So what are some well known pieces that are easy to finger pick?

Could someone please post names/links to the guitar pro tabs?
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yes, get your ring finger in there too! it'll open up more options in the long run

I learned to fingerpick with Metallica intros so.... (Call of the Ktulu and Nothing Else Matters)...and Stairway to Heaven

The Beatles - Blackbird is another good one



Kansas - Dust in the Wind
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I'd suggest Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley or Good to Go by Elliott Smith. Both are solid arpeggio studies, and both are reasonable for a beginner, the latter more so.

They're both good artists if you want to do more fingerpicking, besides. Probably Elliott Smith more than Jeff Buckley, but they both have good fingerstyle songs.

And seconded, you should definitely use your ring finger.
Your guitar teacher is right in saying you should use all your fingers when finger picking. It's important to avoid adopting bad habits early on, and limiting yourself to just three fingers would be exactly that.

Don't worry about it being uncomfortable - you have to push past that stage, and it will feel like second nature before you know it.
Practice. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

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I'd suggest learning some earlier Metallica songs. James Hetfield went through a large phase of Spanish playing in his late teens and as a result that influence can be heard in some of their earlier songs. Examples would be:
Fade to Black
To Live is to Die
Nothing Else Matters

IMO those are great places to start. Also, some Opeth riffs aren't that difficult eg. To Bid You Farewell and Patterns in the Ivy.
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You should use all your fingers. I tried to. It felt uncomfortable, so i adapted and dropped usin my pinky. I went for what was most comfortable. Lot's of artists do this and end up forming their own 'hybrid picking'.

As for nails, its up to you really, personally i go short as i hate the feeling of catching strings under my nails, but experiment.
I keep my fingernails long. With practice, rather than getting your nails stuck under the strings, they will lightly glide over the string- I don't know how else to explain the natural plucking style that develops with time. In the long run, it will allow you to project on an acoustic guitar much more efficiently.
Cut ur fingernails.

You first want to develop good finger strength and independence. You won't hear the difference that much in sound if you can't control ur dynamics yet.

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