What the hell is the (audio) difference between these two chorus pedals by Boss? This question is mainly for people who own one or both of these pedals. And don't say "just try them" because I did, and that goes without saying. How are both of these pedal justified?
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I bought a CH-1 and quickly returned it, sounded like a digital synthesizer.
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If you're EQ'd loose, you'll sound loose anyway.
Well, i tried both of them when i was browsing for a Chorus pedal, and decided to buy the CH-1 Super Chorus.

It's kinda hard to explain the difference without actually hearing them, but it's something like this:
- The CH-1 has a more "open" sound;
- Its EQ isn't as effective as the 2-band EQ on the CE-5, but for me that wasn't important (since i tend to use a neutral tone on the pedals and equalise most of the sound on the amp's EQ).

From my own experience, the CH-1 is a bit simpler, but extremely effective.
You can get a very subtle chorus just to give a little colour to your tone, or you can get extreme chorusing to achieve tones like the "Black Hole Sun", by Soundgarden.
But both of them are really good pedals, you'll be well served with any one of those two.
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