I'm looking to get a good grindy industrial metal tone a la kmfdm, nine inch nails, bile. i have no clue how to go about doing this. I already have a good rig, but my tone is more classic metal. my rig is:
Pedalboard: Boss od, dunlop crybaby, line 6 echo park delay, boss chorus
Head: B-52 at-100 w/ bbe sonic maximizer in effects loop
Cab: basson sound 4x12

I use a schecter c-1 plus with seymour duncans. do i need to build a seperate rig or can i get the tone i'm looking for with the rig i have?
good industrial tone is more or less determined by the type of micing style then the actuall gear. most industrial bands use semi basic rigs with a couple of effects but they way they place their microphones is very important. id google some Richard Z interviews for stuff like that.