may i ask why you would want to do that
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because a gotoh is what this guy wants, and i only have OFR templates. gotohs are fantastic tremolos, they hold tuning the same as an ofr, but they are a little less sensitive, which is what he is looking for. its for a guitar build.
Well, doesn't (or maybe didn't) Gotoh produce the OFR anyway? If I remember correctly, Gotoh and Schaller are the companies that make it. It is pretty likely that they use the same specifications for their LFR trem's baseplate, therefore it should fit (that's what Schaller does, at least).
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does anyone know if i can drop a gotoh LFR into an ofr route/studs?
Since you're building the guitar, the routing isn't an issue; however, the Gotoh FR stud spacing is exactly 74 mm while the OFR is 73.91 mm.

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i don't think you would be able to put it without changing the studs and routing.

These kinds of answers peeve me. "I don't think" is not an answer. It's a guess.
is this any help?


from this page (under "related files"): http://www.wdmusic.co.uk/product/FLOYD_ROSE_LIC._BRIDGE_CHROME_GE1996TC

it's the ge1996T gotoh, right? off the top of my head, the studs are a slightly different size and the sustain block might be a bit longer...
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