I want to buy a laptop and use it for video editing and gaming, as well as regular school-type stuff. I have about $600, but am willing to hold out and save more. Recommendations? thx
You can get a used macbook if you just hold out a little longer...
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Depending on the type of gaming you will need, a powerful laptop with an advanced cooling system may be needed. Check the specs of any games you are interested in.
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macbook. it's the only option.

Rofl...his budget is $600. Thats half of a macbook.

Really you aren't going to be playing any games with a budget priced laptop, unfortunately. You'll have to pay around 800-1000 if you are intending to play any source engine based games. (And that engine is very lenient on hardware.) At $600 you are going to most likely be stuck with an integrated chipset that won't be able to handle much.

The main things to make sure you get are:

2 gigs of RAM
Dual Core processor. The Core 2 Duos probably will be a bit out of your range, but are the best bang for your buck.

I suggest going to HP or Dell's websites and look through their factory refurbished laptops, you may be able to score a pretty decent rig for cheap.
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macbook. it's the only option.

Why would you recommend a macbook when he wants to use it for gaming?

If you want a decent gaming quality computer, you're probably gonna need to spend more. You may want to get a desktop as they offer more power for a cheaper price and generally make better gaming computers than laptops.
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macbook. it's the only option.

He said he wants gaming.

Go with an HP. Possibly the best computers out there for how cheap they usually are.

Although if you really want to get into gaming, laptops are never the way to go. Desktops are much better in that department.

Macs are probably better for the video editing.

Any kind of computer will do the schoolwork crap.
In case anyone cares, I'll mostly be using games on Steam (Garrys Mod, Team Fortress 2, CSS, and L4D when I get it. Also, kind of casually gaming.

Video editing: I use a Sony Handycam (MiniDV, works ok with moviemaker)

Schoolwork: Just Microsoft Office.

Is Vista OK?

Also, 2 reasons why I want a laptop.

1. Not enough room for a desktop.
2. Easier to carry around/do lan parties with.
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Vista is fine, a lot of people will tell you not to get it but don't listen to them. If you're trying to play modern games, try and get a good graphics card as well.