Hey DLDude,

You drew me in with your mention of the Ebow use and since your from Columbus (where I'm from) I thought I'd crit. Here it goes...

So I really like the tone of the guitar. You're a very skilled player. You are also a really good singer. You have a nice mellow voice. I do think you should add more reverb and a little delay to the vocals to give them a more "atmospheric" vibe, if you know what I mean. I also loved the bit with the Ebow. I've been contemplating whether to get one or not. I think you may have sold me on them. I might just have to pick one up.

Overall, I really like this. You've got a lot of talent my friend. I also really liked you song "New York" but of all the tracks on your page I think that "Goodbye" is my favorite. I can't wait to hear more from you. Let us know when you record some more.

First of all, you have a great voice (reminds me of Fionn Regan - if you've never heard of him, check him out because you'll like him) and I think that really carries the song up to the Ebow solo - it could have done with a few very small acoustic phrases just to top it all off (not really at the forefront, just in the background) and possibly a bit more reverb or delay for the voice would have been nice, but these are all very minor suggestions to what is overall a freaking great song. Talent.
ok... first the bad then the good

- altough your voice timbre is nice to hear, your voice goes flat at a times, also, it feels like you don't sing as loud as you can, like you were ret your voice

-the mix could have been better, i mean, it sounds good but the voice needs a bit more reverb and the acoustic on the ebow solo is too loud, as the solo guitar has either too much reverb or is just to quiet

then the good

- the guitar tone is really good (in both electric and acoustic)
- i like the way you build the song up and how you finish it
- the ebow solo fits really good in the song and it comes in and out perfectly, with no abrupt changes

would you crit mine please too?