Hey all,

I'm pretty new to this whole online band thing, but I'd like to give it a proper shot. I am a guitar player, so that means I am looking for another guitarist, bassist and a drummer.

Obviously, the main direction genre wise will be towards metal, but I don't mind playing other types of stuff.

Not sure what else is needed, pretty much that's it. Got any questions, ask away.
Right, I sent you both a PM and then we can discuss this further.
*bump* Still in need of a drummer and a second guitarist. I'm looking for people who would help out writing some songs and such, put some input into the whole thing, instead of just wanting to know what they will record.

Uh, hopefully that made some sense
Well I want our direction to be towards trash metal, so i'm thinking of the early metallica sounds for example, but I don't want it to limit it only to trash, since I listen to a lot of different metal and I want that to be reflected in the songs.
I play rhythm guitar. what kind of skills you looking for. flotsam and jetsam or post 2000 tallica.