Not likely. A power tube, however, could.
What's the amp, and what specifically is wrong?
Well I decided that the Alchemist I had bought was a little bit of overkill for what I needed and I wasn't exactly comfortable with the fact that I would have to leave it in my car while at school... So I took it back to Guitar Center and bought a Traynor YCV40... At GC it worked fantastic, but when I got it home and plugged it in it flipped my breaker... On every outlet that I tried. I checked the fuse thinking that maybe it blew but it looked fine... But just to be safe I replaced it anyway... Tried it all again and it still flipped my breaker... All the tubes except one of the 12AX7's looked good and the one 12AX7 that looked bad was kinda burnt on the top and one of the connections looked like it was broken inside... So I called GC to find out what I could do since I bought the amp used, and the guy there said that maybe the rectifier in it was allowing it to draw more of a charge then what my house's wiring could handle... Im just at a loss cause I dont want to return the amp for something different cause I love this thing... I just dont know what to do...
OK, so update... I took the amp over to my fiance's house and plugged it in over there and it worked just fine... The guy at GC said that he thought my houses wiring system wasn't putting out enough voltage to handle the amp, so he recommended that I look into getting a voltage regulator thing... Now I have never had one or the need for one so I dont know what to look for or at... I just need a small cheap one that can keep a constant flow of 120 volts... Any recommendations?
Not really... The wiring in our house was done when it was built about 4 years ago... Its not like its some 60 year old wiring or anything... But then again with my landlord, you never know... I'm going to try it in my living room cause I dont think I tried it in there, but Im not sure that thats going to work...

I looked on the Traynor website and one of the schematics it had showed an update of the rectifier circuit to a low voltage rectifier and I dont know if this was done because of the voltage problem or what, but from everything I have read Traynors are supposed to be built like tanks and bad ass anyway, so I dont know why this one would be having only problems at my house...
OK, so I feel stupid about asking this cause I should know the answer but I have just never looked at this part of a tube amp...

When you power on a tube amp, all the tubes should power up equally correct? Like I got one of my outlets in the living room to work the amp, I played it for about 30 minutes on low volumes but only one of my 6L6's was glowing when I finished playing... So I assume that the 6L6 that wasn't glowing was shot? Also, would the tube being out on it (the 6L6 and not the 12AX7) cause it to short out? Because it worked fine on the first power up, but when I shut it of and then turn it back on later it blows the fuse because there is not a circuit breaker controlling the outlet that Im using, it just blows the fuse on the amp...

Should I try re-tubing it and see if that fixes it?
If it's still under warranty, I'd send it back. It sounds like you've either blown a power tube which is arcing and causing the fuse to blow, or your power transformer is going bad. Swap the power tubes, and if that doesn't do anything you need help.
Well the thing is, I bought it used so its not under warranty... I have the 30 day thing at GC but it was the only one they had and I really don't want to lose it and go with something else cause this is honestly the best tube amp I have ever played...

The one 6L6 is not glowing so I'm assuming that the power tube is just blown... But what would cause a power transformer to go out?

By the way, Roc and 311, I really appreciate all of yalls help...
I would take it back to GC and demand that they fix this. Don't let them send it off into neverland for 3 weeks either. Maybe find a couple of authorized or reputible tube amp shops around town first as ask GC to pay the bill for the tubes. Buying one tube isn't going to fix your problem unless you know how to bias them so I think you'll need to a get a matched pair of power tubes.

arcing could cause an output transformer to go and they are expensive. More expensive then tubes anyway and not something you want to try to replace yourself.

hope that helps a little

Roc - is really our tube expert tho.
Well as far as having it fixed for something major, I emailed Traynor and Im hoping that maybe if the original owner never did any kind of warranty claim on it that maybe they would fix a small problem for me, if one did in fact exist... That way I skip the middle man and go straight with the manufacturer...

But I did some research on this amp and found that it has an auto-bias feature built in, for the 12AX7's at least... But I have found some 6L6 matched pairs for about $40, so the price of new tubes in comparison to what I payed for the amp really isn't that much of a concern to me cause I figured that I would retube it anyhow...
Problem is, the fuse is blowing for a reason, and if it's not your power tubes then you'll have spent $40 finding out that you need a new transformer. I'd take it back and let them figure out what's wrong with it if you can.
And the auto-bias on the preamp tubes doesn't mean anything. All amps have that, it's called a "resistor"
True... I'll probably take it up there with me when I go to look at tubes and see if they can look into it...
im not a tube amp expert but heres my shot at it

i would still put my money on your wiring. if it worked 100 percent fine at another house than your breaker is overloading in your house because of too much energy draw.

i would try finding a room closest to your circut breaker and unplug everything and see if it work alone on one circut.

as a note i have a marshall amp head that has one of its 6L6's not glowing at very low volumes but seems to glow at higher ones. if i turn all the lights off i can see that it is still glowing its just much dimmer than the others. at least until i turn the volume to about 2 or 3

EDIT - my bad, i skimmed over the part were you said you used it on a non breaker outlet and it blew its fuse. but strange how it worked at the other house still. anyways go to GC and tell them exactly what you want or your going to return it.
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Well I still haven't hooked a volt meter to my outlets in the back of my house to see if it is putting out the full 120v but in the front of my house it at least turns on and plays... But I had all the lights off and that one 6L6 that I think is blown is not glowing at all...
if its only that tube then have that specific tube connector looked at as well. if something did go wrong with that tube and it arced across the back of the connector then that would explain a blown breaker. but if this did happen the conector will need replaced at that arc will leave a carbon trail behind it which will conduct electricity and will keep consistenly arcing
Well the thing that makes me think that its not necessarily an arcing problem is that at GC and at my fiances house I could turn it on and off without it ever blowing a fuse or anything... I know that I turned it on and off about 5 or 6 times at GC because I kept going back to it and then I switched the power on and off about 3 times at my fiances house and it never flipped anything or blew a fuse...
Sorry for the double post, but I just had a thought... Vacuum tubes are similar to light bulbs in the fact that they have filaments inside them, right? So if a filament or something actually blew out could it be that there is a piece of the filament or something inside causing a power element to be touching the ground element causing the short?