I have an opportunity to pick one of these up and can't find any reviews. It is a 412 cabinet made by Johnson that has Vintage 30's in it. Any help on tone, durability, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any responses.
Yeap. I have one and know two guys that have them.

They aren't an Orange cab but do sound great for the price.
I have three, and don't need any others. The construction of the cabs were second to none, using void-free birch plywood. No cheap Tolex covering, as they used the same type of polymer used in spray-on truck bed liners. Vintage 30 8 Ohm speakers!!! The speakers were "tuned" for each cab. Closed back design. Mono/stereo switch.

One of the reasons you rarely find these for sale is because no one wants to give theirs up...even if they buy other brands, they keep these.