My main goal here was to get the action down from 7/64 to something more enjoyable. I didn't have to touch anything but the bridge. After 5 minutes, I got it down to 3/64" with absolutely no fret buzz with 11's. I love this guitar.

I stripped down my EC-1000 and tried out Dr. Duck's AxWax. I'm extremely happy with the outcome. It's an all over polish that you can use on the front/back/fretboard/plastic/metal.

Here are some pictures before:

And here are some from after cleaning up:

So, all in all... I highly recommend this product.
looks good man though u should re string that beauty and play the hell out of instead of taking pics of it
best YouTube video ever

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Holy mother of something even holier. The before and after shots are amazing! To be honest, I thought your guitar was supposed to be flat black, and then I saw the after ones! Great stuff, it seems.