I'm thinking of getting one of these so I had some questions.


How does it compare to PRS SE singlecut and PRS SE custom?

What tones can you get out of it and how versitile is it?

How is it for playing blues, classic rock, 80's rock, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Slash, Jimi Page, anything similar, etc...?

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It looks so nice but I guess I'm probably gonna go with a SE custom. Seems like a more safe buy.
i really like the paul alender one it looks nice to boot lol and it sounds pretty good of course most prs do id deeply consider it tho
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That guitar is indeed beautiful.

I think you should try it out if at all possible. See how it plays before you make any quick decisions.
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Does anyone know how the pups are different from a regular SE Custom? Because as far as I know that's the only difference, besides looks.
If it makes a difference to you, I purchased this guitar over a $2000 PRS custom 24. I was on the fence about both, actually purchased the PRS Custom 24, then changed my mind.

The neck pickup is very warm, I love the pickups in this guitar. The action is amazing, I don't have any regrets or complaints nor do I wish I had purchased the higher end model.

From what I heard/played, the pickups in the Paul Allender are alot better. It doesn't feel like a "low end" PRS, while the others do for the most part IMO.

Any questions or any videos etc., you'd like to hear feel free to ask.
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