i just got my new $100 purchase from ebay a douglas hawker lp copy its s a solid mohogany body with a flame maple top finished in transparant purple a 22 fret set maple neck and maple fretboard grover tuners fully bound neck as well as body front and back emg pickups fast low action i'm blown away with the quality of this baby i used to have an epi standard and in my opinion this is much nicer and only a little over 100 bucks i'm looking at rondo thinking of getting a red shadow or the 455 with 3 humbuckers anybody own or know anything about these?i see alot of loyalty to the agile's witch i understand i could get behind this guitar as well and i'm sure alot of you feel. if you own a douglas lets here about it tell the world about this great inexpensive quality instrument....put up some pictures
are u a chick? if so, nice guitar...if not ummm
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no i'm not in the flash its kinda pinkish but at normal light its purple ........i'm man enough to play with pink things
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are u a chick? if so, nice guitar...if not ummm

Pink is the new black.
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i'm man enough to play with pink things

Yeah...ok buddy whatever you say.

POS imo.
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I hope you're a chick judging by your username...

Yeah the guitar probably isn't that good...but it's all a matter of opinion.
still using email address lilly is our cat she does run things here my dumb ass can't figure how to change it.as for the guitar not being so good TRY ONE you guys have come to respect AGILE try thier little brother out.GIBSON have fought lp copies for years they don't want you to learn how over priced there stuff is.i'm 45 i can remember $3500 lp's going for $600 the only other product thats went up as much is the car industries and look what a fine job they have done.its a shame it has to come from china but our wal-mart appetite has made it that way
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