this will probably be one-sided, but i have come down to two things i want to pursue in life, either pursue music, or political science

if i pursue music, i will go to berklee college of music, major in performance and master guitar, i will study in all areas of music, rock, metal, jazz, blues, prog rock, contemporary jazz, all of it. i will finish in berklee with hopefully enough connections to get a band started, or a solo career started, then as i do now have connections with record companies.

if i pursue political science, i will become expierenced with law and be able to become a lawyer, teacher, politician, international relations, and social work. this major will garuntee me a stable job with a good income.

so pit, what is it, i know you guys will most likely choose music, but im listenen to all choses
im actually in a similar situation as you, im deciding between studying medicine at my country's state university or study music at berklee college of music but i still have like a year to make that choice so im thinking about it pretty seriously
Political Science
That way you could have a good, stable foundation to work from. If you're really interested in music, work on it in your free time and see if anything comes from that. Study what you need to by yourself.
With political science you'll have more of a chance of getting a (very) decent living while having a similar (perhaps a bit smaller) chance of making it big through music.
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Damn, that is a tough choice, I am also entering college but I know what I want to do, so yeah. Good luck with whichever you pick dude.
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Post some clips of you playing guitar so we can make a better decision.

Then post some clips of you lying through your teeth so it's a fair decision.
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you could be mike huckabee and be a music playing politician.


Or you could just double major. I realize that the music program at whatever school you choose won't be as highly regarded as that of Berklee, but it's something.

Or just take music lessons, or even teach yourself (with help via the internet/guitar books/etc.) until you're just as good as people with degrees in music.
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go for music man.

you dont how bad you'll regret it if you take political science or anything else really, don't be a nobody. for your own sake, please.