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Used Ibanez JEM7V
22 79%
Ibanez AT-100 Reissue
6 21%
Voters: 28.
For a while now, I've been set on buying a used JEM7V. I've seen them around for anywhere between 1300-1600, so it was better than buying New. (plus i love ebony lol)

When I came across the new Ibanez models for '09, however, i discovered they would be reissuing the AT-100. I missed out on this guitar last time it was in production, because i had only been playing 1 or 2 years. A JEM wouldve just been an upgraded version of my 1570 with cosmetic touches, pretty much. The Timmons model is a whole new beast.

Which guitar do you think I should go for? I'm about to buy a Carvin X212B Amp to replace the trebly mess that is my B-52, so my saving is starting from scratch.

I play:
- Instrumental music (Vai, Satch, Timmons, Petrucci)
- 80's Metal (Iron Maiden, Priest, Racer X)
- Hard Rock (AC/DCs Back in Black kinda stuff)
- Some Blues and Classic Rock in my Band

I want a Thick tone (not something you'd associate with Evo pickups, but ive seen some really nice tones out of JEMs)

Also, im not sure how long Ibanez will keep with the AT-100s. There will always be used JEMs to buy if saving goes slow, but if they discontinue the AT-100s again and thats what i decide to get, im ****ed.

EDIT: I'm Still Keeping my RG1570 for Hi-Gain and Whammy Bar Wankery songs.
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Can you show links To see specs please?
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first off....evo pickups....can sound huge. I use them in all my guitars they are the only bridge pickup I have ever liked.

I would recomend the Jem. And good job on the carvin amp, they are great!
Cant find a full list of specs on the timmons model, but from what i remember...

Body : Alder
Fingerboard: Maple
Pups: Dimarzio Cruisers (neck and middle) and Custom Andy Timmons Dimarzio in Bridge
Bridge: Wilkonsons trem irrc.
Tuners: Orignally, they were sperzels. Dunno bout the reissue.
22 Fret Neck.

neck type 5pc JEM Maple/Walnut neck
body Alder body
fret W/6105 frets
bridge Edge Pro bridge
neck pu DiMarzio® Evolution® (H) neck pu
middle pu DiMarzio® Evolution® (S) mid pu
bridge pu DiMarzio® Evolution® (H) bridge pu

Is what Ibanez' Site says. '04 or earlier were just Ebony boards instead of rosewood. even earlier, and i think it was EDGE trems. depends how "used" i go.
10 people have voted, and onle 1 told me why.

Itd be awesome if you could explain why one is better than the other. It would make decission making easier
get the timmons and put Evos in your RG

then it would almost be like having both, minus a string(or not, i forgot if the Jem7V was 7 string or 6)
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get the timmons and put Evos in your RG

This. But instead of Evos, put some PAF Pros there.
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This. But instead of Evos, put some PAF Pros there.

I have a PAF pro in the neck of my 1570 and Like it (TZ in the bridge, might swap for Evo later)

Is there something wrong with the AT pickups/Cruisers?? I wouldn't want to switch them for the sake of switching them

JEM is 6 strings, Universe is 7. I wouldn't be missing out