Im using a Marshall MG100DFX combo amp, and was wondering whether or not it would work to run this amp thru the Marshall MG412 cab, basically making the combo amp a head? The link below(page 6 of the link) shows the backs of the MG combo and MG head, and they are identical. Only difference is that the MG combo has 1 Loudspeaker output and the head has 2. The back of my MG combo has the internal speaker plugged into that Loudspeaker jack, so I dont see any reason why I couldnt run a cable from that jack to a Marshall cab instead of the internal speaker? Anyone tried this or have any suggestions?

Why do you want to do that? you already have 100 watts of CHRUSHING overdrive
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The amp totally rocks, dont get me wrong. It is great for small shows. Im concerned when we start playing bigger places that the sound wont carry enough, plus the other guitarist has a B52 half stack. My Marshall hangs with it most of the time, but it would be nice to have some extra power.
100 watts isn't enough? Are you playing arenas?
seriously If it's not loud enough to fill you should be micing all the amps up anyway
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100 Watts SS is enough for gigging and if your gigging at a huge venue you can mic it up to the PA
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haha I wish I was playing arenas. Its loud for sure. What I meant was that we have played places a little bigger in size- student centers on campuses, bigger bars ( 200 ppl approx) The B52 the other guy uses is tube and there is no question that it delivers since he has sound coming from 4 12's. I only have 1 12, which would lead me to think im not getting the same range of sound. I have mic'd and it was great, but some places dont offer mics for amps which kinda sucks.

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C: Cabinets do not make an amplifier louder. They change the bass response of the sound.