Hey there. Well this song took me awhile. The riffs are not to complicated but the solo's took up most of my time. Anyways, any feedback is good feedback. Cheers

thats some nice harmony right there son. absolutely nothing wrong with the intro, i quite liked that. pretty. i think it flowed really well into the verse riff.. good connection there. but i think with the palm muted sixteenths in bar 10 and all other bars similar you should do something else with the drums i think. perhaps double bass kicks. maybe with vocals it would be better.. but the next part with the e power chords, i think the lead played over those chords is ok, a little generic, but if you chose a few different notes it could sound good. nice chorus, that was well done. bridge was interesting, maybe a little bit weird rhythmically though shouldnt be too hard to sort out.
solo. first. i cant really hear it... next, its pretty good. could be a bit more complex, but nothing wrong with simplicity. anyway with better backing chords in the solo it could sound better i think. oh never mind in comes the triplet sixteenths ignore the complex comment. perhaps when youre sweep picking dont just follow the root of the chords... itll sound better trust me. try some interesting combinations. and forgot to mention... i quite like what you did at bar 78 with the lead. delicious leads. anyway not bad. maybe a 7 but with that long solo which is not hard to see you put lots of effort into, maybe a 7.5 or 8. i really like that main riff though. crit mine? biggest one in sig
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