im chilean an i live in Chile
so i was wondering
where are the other chileans/latins in UG?
if you are answer in spanish

me gustaria hacer amigos que hablen español
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^ you are wise

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Claro que los hay, yo soy venezolano
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I think this man wins the thread.

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We have a winner.
me. i live in mexico.

we should talk in Pm's or in our profiles, or in a group (there is one but i forgot the name of it)

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I'm half Honduran, Half Puerto Rican. I been to Puerto Rico a few times but I'm mostly just stuck in the Bronx.
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Me gustan liquor fuertes: I like liquor fortresses I guess. I thought I was saying I enjoy hard liquor, but despite 2 years of college Spanish I failed you all. To be fair though, I barely passed
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yo tambien he intentado hacer estos temas pero los cierran rapido D:
yes , he started the thread. luyano! make the latinoamerican group
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Je suis péruvien... et oui.. je peux parler espagnol aussi

Peru (L)

o hai there ;D