I just got a Jackson Demmelition V and im haveing a problem with the Floyd, when i dive the strings go slightly flat, but return to normal when i pull up, the trem angle is right and ive lubricated the knife edges. So far no luck. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks
^ what he said. It should be normal for strings that are too old/too new. Let them settle and see if it still does it. Also, if you are diving too much, to the point where the strings start to slide around and become a "mess" on the fretboard, you might be overdoing it, and making them go out of tune. A floyd rose is only a machine, you know.
when you put the strings on, grab them at the 12th f and pull them up and away from the fretboard. Do this a few times to each string, then re-tune. You have slack between the tuners/bridge or locknut/bridge.
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yea, the guitar was set up at the shop i got it at, i usually hand stretch all my strings first, not to mention the guitar is brand new pretty much, i put the thing on layaway about a week after it came in so maybe the springs need to be broken in a little more too.
that explained it, i was tuning the guitar with it laying flat on the ground lol, i just retuned like the guide said to and did some deep dives and now theres no problem at all thanks a lot