Ok, so I got this cheap spectrum guitar at a local kohl's. And it has a whammy bar that only goes down. Now do i need to buy a new bridge for the whammy bar to go up? I play bass guitar and bought this to learn some guitar... And also to play with the whammy bar :p. No but really, a few songs have dive bombs in them and i want to learn how to get a bridge that allows the whammy bar to go up.
You have to have a guitar equipped with a floating tremolo to go up...either a Floyd Rose or Kahler...you can buy a floyd rose bridge to install but its a pain in the ass and requires modifications to your guitar. Since its a cheap guitar, I wouldn't recommend this. My advice...use this guitar to learn the basics and save up for a guitar with a floating-style trem.
Unless you guitar has a FR or Kahler...or licensed version of either...it will only dive. If you want a cheap FR-equipped guitar check rondo's music (just google it). They have a few strat-style FR guitars fairly cheap...last time I check anyway.
ok thanks! So i have to buy another guitar for that... thats probably fine. Are they any websites that you guys have that have cheap whammy pedals or wah-wah pedals. The cheapest I can find is 45$ and im not looking for a godly expensive one.