i got metallica/machine head tickets some time ago for later this month for me and a lady friend . but i'm now saving up for a new amp (splawn) and need some cash. i havent seen her in a while but im desperate for some money. how much do you think the tickets would go for (they are decent seats)
I have metallica/machine head tickets and last time i checked stub hub, they were 3-4 times the original price.
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probably a fair amount, look around but if they're good seats they could go for 250-300$ each easy.
i seriously just read your thread in the gear and accessories and you claimed to have 2000 dollars.

300 i say!
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Ditch the seats.

Ditch the amp.

Purchase UG.

It would be a good investment.
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I'm assuming you're in Europe?

Splawns cost alot more over there, right?
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