Song I've been working on lately, I was thinking of arpeggio's for the chorus... let me know what u think. One of the softer songs I've written.
TAAAAAAASSSSSTYY intro. that is pretty damn nice. and the lead guitar coming in fit pretty well too. most of it.. bar 12 is a little iffy. verse is ok... but with vocals could be ok. and yeah chorus is good. but maybe try to eschew the same chord progression from before. like you know the 12---11---9---7 type of thing. but its really nice. has good potential.
oh yeah and if you want c4c do the big one in my sig.

EDIT: somehow it almost brought a tear to my eye. lol
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Nice job on the intro, to me it sounded very full I guess you could say. I was interested you see how it fits with the mood of the rest of the song because it sounds very happy to me, but so far its fit very well. The lead you put over the rhythm fit it very well and when you harmonized in the leads it worked out really nicely. Hell, even when it got a bit heavier and distorted you were still able to keep the mood of the song which the intro created which impressed me. The outro solo is cool, but I'd recommend at least having some type of rhythm beneath it, I mean throughout the whole song you have it sounding very full, and although the solo is good, it sounds like it lacks something. Nice job overall though.

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