I just had this idea and I need to run it by some fellow bass playing people.

I have an Avatar 2x12 cab.
It's front ported at the bottom.
I'm having this train of thought that I want to "seal" it off and make it a "sealed" cab.

What are your thoughts?
I find it's a "tad-little-loose" in the low end and I want to conduct an experiment to see what "sealing" it might do.


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I don't see how it could go badly. If it doesn't work, undo everything?
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Sealing prevents much of the air from leaving the cabinet itself, and that port is where much of the low-frequency response takes place. Sealing a cab does 2 things, one good, one bad, and IMO the bad outweighs the good considerably.

The good thing is that since the speaker is the only thing responsable for radiating air in a sealed cab, the signal tightens up considerably in the lower mids. Ampeg 810's are famous for their punch, which has 100% to do with sealed cabinetry.

The bad thing is that it completely KILLS frequency response. The Ampeg 810 bottoms out in the 60Hz area which is just inexcusable.

Think of it like this - there are x units of power that your cab is going to push out at any given volume. With a port, you can push out a wide area of the frequency spectrum since you have both a speaker and a port to move air. If you take away that port, you have the same amount of energy coming out of a smaller area. The same energy out of less area gives "more power per square inch" and results in a tight signal - a tight signal with a severly lacking bottom end. Also, the tightness may be overbearing.

Keep in mind that there's absolutely nothing scientific about what I just said - that's just what happens.

Another thing - I think the structural integrity of the cabinet has a lot to do with it being 'sealed' - simply covering up a port might not be enough to acheive the desired effect (as opposed to having a portless cab altogether with no hole at all).
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Not a good idea. In addition to what Fitz said, it can also damage your speakers. The ones in it were designed for a ported enclosure, and that particular enclosure was designed for those speakers. Sealing it up will throw things way off and the result is not likely to sound very good. I'd suggest saving up and throwing a 210 or 410 on top of it, if your head can handle the load.
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Good advice, perfect.

Maybe I could make something that could.... work like a two way thing?
A sealed and ported design?
ehh it's a fleeting idea
I think it would be badass though.

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So I guess that's what I'm feeling amiss with the ported Avatar
That "tightness"
ahh well I still like the Avatar just the way it is.

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