So, for Christmas, I got a GC gift card for $50. Now, I'm aware that it can't buy me a quality pedal or anything without the addition of some extra money. However, I wouldn't mind putting down an extra $50. So, in total, I have $100 ready to spend. But right now, I'm not really sure what to get (between cables, pedals, straps, etc.). So, what would you guys/ girls suggest that I get as something useful for my guitar?


EDIT: I would like to play metal and hard rock type stuff. Hope that helps!
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Check out an EQ, mxr 10 band if they have it if you're willing to spend like 8 more dollars.

Also, try the Fish and Chips; $30, shoddy plastic case and button though

edit: If you're amp is a MG, dont buy anything until you upgrade that amp. Pedals just halfway cover up a **** tone base.
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