recently i submitted a chord guide for the song "what i'm dreaming of" by trading yesterday. i submitted it last december 31. can someone please approve or reject my submission? i noticed that the EDIT button has been removed in the Contributions tab on my profile - but the status remains as W.
Please be patient. The Russian team is enjoying a nice vacation and there haven't been any tab updates for a short while. Tabs are also not updated over the weekend. Your contribution will be either rejected or approved soon after the Russian team are done with their vacation and the site is updated again. Just wait a little longer.
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can someone please approve or reject my tab? =(


can you please post in the proper thread?

WTF? Where is my tab?!?!

And you were told to be patient by a UG staff member.
You would do well to take her advice.
The Russians just got back from holiday today.
I'm sure they have plenty to catch up on.
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