So, I've got about £500 now and I've been tempted by so much, but I'm completely unsure of what would be a worth while investment. I currently have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard through a Marshall AVT50x. It creates a fairly decent tone when its blisteringly loud but it can be a tad dull. As for effects I have a modified pressure sensitive GCB-95 Crybaby and a homebuilt volume pedal.
I play in a band so its own material but I come from a kinna classic rock background and leading upto GnR, Velvet Revolver, Aerosmith that kinna line. I'm enticed by upgrading the amp to a VintageModern so if anyones has anything to say about that then that'd be helpful. I was also tempted by an 12-string electro acoustic for certain live songs but I doubt it would sound too great through the AVT.

So, help me UG....I'm lost....
Try out some higher end Oranges. Find one thats new, play it and and see if its what you want, and buy a used one and maybe replace the valves. You could always go the Marshall route, but Orange is a step above, imo.