orange flash and a semesters worth of notes
just smoke up into plutos lungs.
so far it's been hard,
a balancing act between eating well,
and bartering for drugs.

those looks from passengers
on the passing train as im in a station
trying to be someone
with a coffee, newspaper
sporting a suit from macys.

only the un-important women noticed-
my handsome face, wide shoulders, familiar smile.
anyone who has worth has a place to be.
galaxies consistently gaze because of distance, as i do.
connection is a trip from the bench in grand central where i sit.

spent all morning stuffing papers into a briefcase
they were things i had written down during a lecture.
i knew someone who sat down next to me
got up, spilled coffee in their lap.
as i started to walk away warm and wet
put a greasy sandwich in my mouth.
too help me swallow i bought some coke.
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i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror
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I love the middle two stanzas, but I find the ending lacking/confusing.
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You put parentheses in parentheses. I...I...I think I love you.

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