I remember watching a movie on TV when I was younger and I have no idea what it was called. The only thing I can remember is that there was a lone human (from my recollection) aboard a giant space ship or station of some kind. I remember it had a hydroponics area/an area with a lot of plant and tree growth, and I remember he was playing cards with some robots and he programmed them with some chip so that they could cheat. This was about 10 years ago that I watched it and I remember it looking somewhat old even then. Now I know this isn't very much to go on but if you know it please let me know. Also, I feel like watching a movie about people isolated in space, something like Alien(s) or 2001: A Space Odyssey or even Red Dwarf, so if you have any suggestions (even if they aren't the movie I mentioned) please let me know. Thanks!
Sounds like the 1871 film A Lone Star, about a thief who stows himself on a doom-bound ship.

I'm just kidding, that film doesn't exist, and I have no idea.

You might need a film forum for this...it's very specific.
For some reason, I want to say Flight of the Navigator, although that's probably entirely wrong.
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