Hi all, I have been playing guitar for a while now, and a couple of days ago I realized something with my chords. Actually there's nothing wrong with the chords themselves, but I usually accidentally mute the string that is right below it. This usually happens with my pinky, all other fingers are fine. All help is greatly appreciated.
^ that's terrible advice. Unused fingers should be relaxed, not held high in any way.

What you want to do is use the tips of your fingers and be careful about your posture. Really you have to experiment and practice what works.
Sounds to me like your wrist is curved too much for playing the chord.

Check the angle of your wrist in relation to the fretboard. While your wrist should be in a different position dependant on what string you're playing on, in chords your wrist should be pretty much level to the fretboard rather than behind it. This means that you can use the tips of your fingers to hold down the strings at a near perpendicular position.

This pretty much prevents unwanted muting as long as you lift your unused fingers away from the fretboard and keep them loose and relaxed. You might need them quite quickly after all.
Alright, thanks for all the advice guys, im starting to get them correctly now . Thanks
Just remember the position of your wrist determines the angle of your fingers, not the other way around. With barre chords for example; in order to get your index finger over all the necessary strings, you need to curl your wrist around the fretboard and likely push your thumb against the back for a little grip.