I prefer Stands but I think wall mounts have no negative effect on the guitar unless it's not in the wall properly and the guitar falls down
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I prefer stands too, but I'm moving into a smaller room and I won't have the room for them on the floor I don't think, so I'd like to mount them, but I won't if it does bad things to the guitar.
I've had 3 of my guitars on wall hangers for the past 4 years. No problems.
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I have 3 guitars, JEM 555, Yamaha RGX420 DZ, and an Encore Strat.

I use both but not the Encore regularly.

And okay, cool
Why not get one of those 3 way guitar stands? Im sure it wont take up too much room
I leik music
I have 2 guitars and use wall mounts for both (fretrests specifically), they work fine.

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Well... There are guitars at Guitar Center than spend years (I'm serious, this one fernandes was there from my first visit 4 years ago to now) on a wall hanger and they seem fine.
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I use them and they're great. You really worry about your guitars less when company comes over.
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