I've recently been looking at the Line 6 POD UX1 and the Line 6 GuitarPort and I do not know what the difference is. Could someone please explain to me what is different about the two and tell me what you think is the best thing to use when recording a guitar
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just buy a microphone and set it in front of your amp?


A nice microphone.
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As far as electric goes, your most versatile choice is the classic Shure SM57. For about 100$ you can get a guitar sound that'll stand up to a mid range studio's sound to most peoples' ears. To add another dimension to said sound, use a nicer large diaphragm microphone as a distance mic, about 15 feet away from your amp, off axis.

Acoustic, In my humble opinion, the only way to go is a large diaphragm condenser.

I use a Line 6 UX8. It's got 8 simultaneous ins. Works wonders for me.
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