i have like 200 bucks and im thinking of getting a guitar to learn how to play. (i play bass)

what would one recommend.
i can go a bit higher if needed
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what kinda music do you play?

at this moment im kinda open to anything.
i just play what im in the mood for so something versitile would be nice

i havent really played guitar enough to know what style i like to play most and when it comes to bass i havent ever limited myself to one style either
Do you have an amp yet?
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Do you have an amp yet?

i got a small little costco fender starter amp from someone and iv heard that guitar sounds great on bass amps anyway (in which case i have a stack)
Go for a vypyr 15 for $100. It will probably help your tone a lot better. Otherwise there *is* the spider III for the same price but I think most people will tell you to get the vypyr. Will be better than that starter amp and you get a nice amount of effects to start you off. Chorus and stuff that you hear in a lot of songs.
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Yamaha Pacifica 112


the 112v if you can find it (the newer one). not much difference but it has a coil split on the humbucker, which you might as well have.
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I have a GSA60, which I like very much, but I must say the Pacifica is better.
I think it's cheaper, too.

Same price last time i checked. I got my GSA60 for $120 and it even had a SD Dimebucker in it. Cant say i care for the dimebucker super lots since i dont play a lot of metal yet (being acoustically rooted from having an acoustic first), but it at least helps for resale value later. I think the Yamaha 112v is like $100 more than the 112j. I've heard tons on the 112j. Oh yeah, and there is the 012 also which is a little less but made of agathis instead of alder. Cant comment on the tone of either of them since my GC doesnt carry them.