I've been working on this song and it was heavily inspired by The Faceless' new album Planetary Duality. Those of you who've heard it will be able to tell ;]

The guitars i've spent a lot of time on. Making sure I got that diminished/augmented sound I wanted was a bit harder when I wanted to add in bass. I just recently did the bass, and it took me maybe an hour. The bass line in the section where it goes up and down the whole-tone scale makes me laugh for no reason xD

This is the first time i've ever really tried to solo, and I, personally, don't think it came out too bad, but I want you guys' opinions. :]

EDIT: I have added drums to the song and slightly changed the bass. You'd have to listen real hard to notice.

For the drums, it's got some parts that I didn't know what to do, so I just did a blast-beat (really? What are you supposed to fit into 11/8?!) but I don't think it came out too bad.

And I have dubbed it Epitome! Just because I like the name :]

C4C? I agree :]

EDIT: I have added the updated version. At bars 5 and 6 i'm missing drums... if anyone wants to add some, feel free to do so cause I don't know what to put. :]

I added an ending to it, and it feels more complete now. It finishes at about 3 minutes, so i'm happy about that :]
Epitome V2.zip
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Dissonant, and evil sounding. I really liked it, it always been a challenge for me to get a soung like this, but you've done it quite nicely. And the many time signatures showed quite some technical skills. The song was very nicely done, the solo was cool, especially when the harmony came in at the end. I dig the very creepy, sinister harmony between the two guitars as it climbs up in the fourth measure. The song felt short though. Very very nice. 9/10.

My only suggestions would be about how the temp change from like 200 to 80 felt really out of place. Both parts, the first four measures and the post-measures were good, but the transition was wacky man.

Crit mine please??

Nice job man, but there's a few things I'd change. Intro is really nice but the riff at bar 5 just killed the whole vibe. I also thought the riff sounded kinda bad, it had a few weird notes from like the major scale or something, and it jsut sounded way off. I think it sounds way better if you were to just take that riff out entirely and go straight to the one at bar 9.

Riff at bar 9 was friggin sweet, but I would've liked to hear some more intense dumming there. Riff at bar 17 was really good, I loved the use of the whole tone scale there. Bass was nice too, it gave the riff kind of a weird quirky feel I thought haha, but it fit perfectly.

I really liked the dissonance at bar 21, and the little diminished and whole tone things goin on there. Riff at bar 39 was friggin sweet. I think you should've made that riff a little longer with some variations on the drums the second time around.

Love the tempo change at bar 56, the song just goes mental right there I thought haha. Solo at bar 67 was good, and I especially liked that tapping lick at bar 75. Harmony at bar 80 was very nice, I would've liked to see that part extended a little more with some changes in the riffs under the harmony maybe and some crazy drumming thrown in there.

Overall this is a really good song, but I think it could still use some improvements to make it awesome, and It just doesn't feel like it's finished yet, so yeah. Best of luck man
I don't like this song at all.Solos sounds very ugly and the chords are not in the right places....they sound uglyer with those solos around.No melody in this song its just random playing for me
Thank you for your crits you guys :] I'll try and fix that part... hmm... it may or may not take me awhile though... unsure, I am.

@Immortal - That's perfectly fine with me. It wasn't a song meant to appeal to everyone.

@Zakatak - Yeah... length with this song is a problem. I'm thinking about adding some parts after the solo ends. I timed the song out, and it's only 2:30 (around) XP.
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i'm listening and crit so bare with me. It sounds really good, dark and moody, and very heavy, i love it, though i like the distorted guitar sound better than the overdriven one, but that's irrelevant. Very good, the drums fit very well with the song. please crit mine, i'll finish critting the rest of yours
I loved the riff at bar 37, really reminds me of Michael Romeo's riffing style.

Most of the riffing reminded me a bit of Dream Theater but with a heavier sound and sounded alot more evil

I'm not a huge fan of the drumming in this song, many of the cymbal hits in it sounded a bit unnecessary to me, especially in the beginning.

I really enjoyed your use of the dissonance in this song, really added to the mood of the song.

The breakdown at bar 54 seemed a bit messy and sounds a bit like you ran out of ideas and didn't really seem to build to the solo to me, but the solo was good, really evil sounding especially when the harmonies came in.

8/10 for you
The opening riff is pretty intense, its dark, crazy, scary, evil. woot. Then comes measure 5, and it sounds like you just decided to **** on your computer, no offense.

The riff that comes up at measure 7 kicks so much ass.....I would LOVE to hear that on real instruments. Cool little harmonization as well. Cool 11/8 section sounds like legit prog noodling. Ties into measure 24, but everything in-between sounds random and off.

Then comes some mike romeo-style riffage. I like. Measure 31 sounds awesome, and 37 is like 10x better. Then at measure 46 comes the evil amazing riff that we all know and love.

Measure 54 onward sounds really bad, IMO, like random **** blasts. Things get good at 79 but there's a wild chord around there that I can't figure out. More random riffage, then an interesting (but short) acoustic part. I would have liked to hear more resolution towards the end.

8/10 because though I can't figure out the random riffage and such, I know that there is some theory behind it. A bit too random for me.

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