This is a new song i just wrote in like twenty minutes.
it's probably my favorite thing i've ever written.

suggestions or anything are highly appreciated. especially since i haven't even slept on this one yet.

Another day, another time
It’s still the same in my mind
Make sure I don’t step out of time
What if skip a rhyme or get accused?
Pour the ice down my neck
For it’s my only check.
To see if my heart still pumping the blood
I need to breath this air
The air I need to walk up these stairs
A new time everyday
Open up the doors and walk by seeing new things everday

(build) walk down the stairs again
Close the doors and walk on by
Seeing the same old thing I saw everday

(build heavier)I saw the same door
The day before last and the day before

Hold the ice right there
Hope my nerves become numb
Just keep it right there

Drain the acid into my eyes
So I don’t have to see tonight

Break my legs from this cement
So I can move again
(softer)all there is to feel now
Is the death were all going to see
Some of us will feel like a new man, a new soul
Some of us will feel like we’ve burned in hell.
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