so i finally raked in enough dough to buy a new gee-tarfrom guitar center. i knew i would hate myself if i didnt buy the fender i wanted in sunburst. they didnt have the tele. i wanted, so impatient joe decided he should go for a strat. i am SO GLAD i bought the strat! i love it to pieces! its perfect! and it has a whammy XD.

but after i bought it i went to band practiced and noticed the action on it was REALLY high.so the next day i went back to GC and asked if they could lower it because i didnt have the right sized allen wrench. he looked at it and realized the whole bridge and w/e fancy mumbo jumbo was out of whack

so now it needs a tune up or w/e he called it. (at least he said he'd pay for it since its brand new) so i ahve to wait til tuesday to give it to the guy, then i ahve no idea how long it will take from there. so i basically cant paly that much on it until tuesday

which sucks because this is my first fender i wanna play it SO SO SO badly but I cant.

just thought i'd share that with you all (ps. its a $400 mexi strat)
Try adding more delay.
Set ups shouldn't take more than 30 minutes tops if the guy knows what he's doing. The guy at my local shop where I go to college set up my strat in a little over 10 minutes and did a flawless job. Needless to say it was already pretty decent when I took it in.

Congrats on the purchase by the way