Hell yes! that was the s**t! so you just busted out a random funk jam at a talent show? that was the definition of pwn. Surely you won? haha it started nice and tentatively, the audience was probably starting to expect it to suck, then BAM! wakkaakaaka waaahhwaahwha. oh by the way, that means it was awesome
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If you want to play some emo music, I recommend using these settings:

Gain: 0
Bass: 0
Mid: 0
Treble: 0

Master Volume: 0

dude, i do literally the same jam with my loop pedal. Nice tone near the end. You really rocked it. nice job dude.

C4c? i got a funk improv jam vid in my sig below, check that out if you got the time
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Me playing
thanks, guys!

Ardie, that's a really strong riff, nice and funky. and i'm lovin the tone out of that orange...hopefully i'll be able to afford a rocker 30 one of these days...lol
A very well performed jam.
A good funky hook.
The hardest with this kind of jams is to keep it interesting.
That you did very well. The intensity was nicely increasing through the whole thing up to the climax wah solo.
Very good job and as the person above said - it was much better than I expected.

Here's a little doodle that you can crit back :