Can anyone help?? I've been trying to learn this song for ages..can't find a tab for it ANYWHERE!!! I'm just interested in the rhythm, not the solo...(I have no lead skills..lol)
I've been sat here about an hour now trying to figure it out and I'm lost....if there is any help out there, its muchly appreciated!!!

Horns up and keep it heavy

R.E.B.3.L Wuz Here.....
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hahah how sad is that??? forgot to add the song!!!! its Crazy Nights-Danger Danger!!

thx for the reply and pointing out my very dumb mistake!!!
R.E.B.3.L Wuz Here.....
sorry mate went to bed last night, i wont tab it out but i can get u started on the progression
the intro is on the A string 5 - 4 -4 - 4- 4-. work out the rhythm

then when the whoas start it repeats that 5 and 4 part
then moves down to the low e string 3 - 2 - 2- 2 - 2- 6 - 4 - 4- -4

its actually hard to hear the guitar part, but that took less than 3 minutes to figure that out by ear, i suggest u try it to