I am a complete beginner and was wondering what would be a good acoustic
to buy. I was in a guitar shop yesterday and had a slight panic at the prices of some of the guitars.
I've a budget of about £100.
There was a guy strumming like a pro in the demo room and I didn't want to feel insignificant asking the staff advice on a £100 purchase...although I'm sure they would've been glad to help.

Thanks for any advice.
Pity the £ is through the floor right now.
www.thomann.de may be your best bet with Epiphone, Fender and their own Harley-Benton ranges in the Dreadnaught and Jumbo sections.
You do get what you pay for but low-end guitars have improved a lot in recent years. Maybe makers realise that selling junk doesn't encourage anyone to stick at it and buy again when they are more competent.
I found the Yamaha F-310 to be pretty good when I bought it as my first guitar (you can get it in a starter pack from Amazon @ slightly over £100) or buy it separately for about 80 quid (if I remember right)

It's all laminate (what you expect at this price) however I thought it sounded pretty nice.
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Quote by Toker420
you need more $$.

He's right unfortunately. If you skimp now, you'll end up with a piece of garbage and lose interest in it within week. Try to double your price range and you'll be in the market for some solid guitars.

And in guitar stores, don't feel bad about telling the employees you're a total beginner. They generally love helping out.
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Dolphin Music always seem expensive to me to be honest.

Although the website is slow as hell, try on here.

Music Street

That Tanglewood is usually £170, up for £144.

What part of the UK are you in and how old are you?

Many music shops are associated with a special Finance company, designed to help musicians afford stuff. It is very reputable and cheap. So you may find you could throw down £100 on a £200 guitar and pay the rest over a year and have it cost not much more than it would have.

Also, many guitar shops, will do a "lay away", where you can pay them money and when they have the full amount, you take the guitar.

Yamaha, do an acoustic which is just over £100 and is reputed to be pretty good for the money.
www.imusician.co.uk seem have good deals, IMO, you could look around on there. I'd go with a Yamaha or a Washburn as has been stated, my first real guitar was a £200 Washburn and I couldn't be happier.
I'm 32 and I'm near Edinburgh. I can afford more than £100, but I a little bit cautious about
spending alot more on my first guitar.

for dirt cheap i've found this site, been thinking of picking up a 12 string, but be weary, shady.. aslo.. not sure if they accept euros....


also- not in euros, but pretty sure you can go to like the uk version of the site or something

i have that guitar, kinda high action... but ok for beginner's.. throw some elixirs on and it has great tone.

my friend has one of these, not much tone, but great playability on his.

think it's a bit out of your price range, but this might be decent for a beginner

Quote by Blairadamwitch
I'm 32 and I'm near Edinburgh. I can afford more than £100, but I a little bit cautious about
spending alot more on my first guitar.


And rightly so. My acoustic (get ready), is a Falcon, from Hornby Skewes. Yup.

£60. However, I have spent £40 on having it set up (prior to any knowledge of how to do it), bone nut etc. It is now very playable, though tonally, not brilliant.

You do not need to spend much more than £100. If for example, you spent £120 or £140, it would be worth its weight to do so, if you buy carefully.

Play it for a while, then have a luthier set it up, bung a new nut on etc and it will be lovely.