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5 63%
3 38%
Voters: 8.
So my friend lost his login details and so has asked me to do a thread for him.

He wants to know which is better in terms of 'everything'. He plays a large variety of music, ranging from metal to blues to funk and of course rock.

Recommendations would be appreciated!
Quote by foob85
Wearable capo? Maybe he means like clamping the capo to his penis and walking around?

Because that's not what I do with my capo.

Clearly you need to do a lot more research.
Especially if you think you're going to do metal on an AC30.
If it's really as big a range as you suggest, maybe look at a spider valve, especially if he's not sure what he wants.
neither amp is really great for everything... in particular, neither will do metal very well at all. something like a marshall JVM or a mesa stilleto will be better for such a wide range of styles