Yo, so I just got this new amp, a fender deluxe. Now, I was jamming with a band the other day, and i cracked the clean all the way up, and I noticed that it started to distort a bit, i was like oh ****. What's wrong with my amp? Should i take it back?
Seriously? I thought that tube amps wern't meant to distort when you turned them up, that's why they are so expensive...
that's just some natural overdrive you have when you cranck a tube amp all the way up.
No, they're expensive because they're generally high quality. They distort because the power tubes start to saturate.
Ok, hang on a sec, so I take it that normal amps don't 'saturate'. what do you mean higher quality? 'cause mine isn't made out of anything special, just wood and **** like that. I'm feeling like i got done by those bastards, I thought it wouldn't drive. what a load a crap.
Yeah, they're the same thing. People generally say distortion is for high gain, and overdrive is low gain, but overdrive is what happens when tube amps are cranked.

Higher quality means they're made of stronger materials, they have stricter quality control in production etc.
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oh, ****, i almost forgot man, the tube things were ****ing glowing around the back, and **** they were ****ing hot man. I thought the thing was gonna ****ing explode. Is that normal as well?
Yes, all tubes get hot and glow. Everything you're experiencing is perfectly normal for a tube amp.
yes, they get hot.
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if its distortion and not overdrive than its not really normal.
and if the tubes glow to much they micht be a bit overtensed, then you have to take it back to the shop, i had that problem because i wasn't careful with my tube amp.