Hey everybody, im Paesan Ng and im 17 this year. I'm looking for band members to well, form a band in perth. I go to Canning Vale College, and well yeah looking forward to anyone who reads this. i'm looking for 2 gutiarists, a bassist and a drummer. For more info on what music i intend to do, my old bands myspace is www.myspace.com/passiontryst

my email is paesanng@gmail.com
Lol, bands in perth, that's a new one...
-A Guitar
-A Bass Guitar
-amps for BOTH of them!!

(who cares?)
I see you're new here. Let me first say, welcome to UG.

Let me also say, this belongs in the Musician's Classifieds forum. Good luck with your search!
TS I'm 18, in perth.
Where in perth are you?
I'm a guitarist and i play mainly indie/rock/alternative (smashing pumpkins, bloc party, cribs, etc)
Still looking for people?